Help Your RV Storage Business Stand Out From The Competition

Many people in your town own RVs and campers, but they do not have the space to park them on their own property, which requires them to use RV storage. An RV storage lot is a great way to make money if you have large property, but you also need to make your lot competitive so people will choose your business and come back every season for their storage needs. Here are some tips that you can follow to really make your RV storage business stand out. 

1. Offer detailing and freshening.

Over time, storing an RV can cause it to look dusty and to smell musty inside, especially if the RV was not sparkling clean inside when brought to storage. To help combat these negatives, offer detailing as part of the services you provide so that every vehicle is beautiful when the owners come to use it.

Consider ordering bulk car air fresheners to use inside stored RVs. This way, owners can choose a scent they like, and the freshener will prevent the musty, unused smell that comes from long-term vehicle storage. Replace the fresheners every few months for vehicles that are being stored for an extended period of time. Offer natural scents that appeal to a wide range of people. You might even order "green friendly" fresheners that use essential oils or plant essences instead of artificial smells. 

Keep a car vacuum and dumpster on site so people can clean out their vehicles before parking them, especially if the vehicle will be sitting for several months. 

2. Provide covered storage spaces.

Not everyone cares if their RV is parked outdoors long-term, but not all RVs are created equal. Some are true luxury vehicles, so they need better long-term storage solutions. Consider creating a few premium pavilions for people who want their RVs to be covered during storage. Covered spaces will cost more, but they allow the RVs to stay out of the damaging hail, sun, and heavy snow. 

3. Pave your parking area.

Some RV storage areas use basic gravel or even grass in the parking area. However, these can become sloppy in bad weather, and over time there will be divots and ruts that have to be graded out, which can be hard to do when the lot is not fully empty. If you pave the parking area, you can mark spots clearly for RV owners. The pavement prevents customers from needing to navigate puddles, ruts, and mud. 

4. Offer bonuses for returning storage customers.

If people take their RV out for a season, you want them to return to your storage unit when their travels are over. Offer discounts, special services, or other bonuses for returning customers. This way, they have a reason to come back to you.

5. Invest is rodent and pest control. 

Even though your storage is outdoors, you still need to do what you can to keep pests from getting into parked RVs. Do regular inspections of RVs for signs of pests. Make sure the parking areas are fenced with mesh instead of open chain link to prevent rabbits and rodents from getting in. You might even want to put spiked finishes on the fencing in order to dissuade raccoons, which are a common pest for parked RVs, especially during the winter. 

6. Offer other types of storage.

Finally, consider adding other vacation storage facilities. For example, if you offer winter boat storage, then people can keep their RV and boat stored in the same place. If you have mini storage units, these can hold gear like tubes, surfboards, waterskis, and sleds that people might not have room for in the garage. When people can keep all their things together, storing them is much simpler. Simplicity is attractive to customers. You can even offer self-storage prices at a discount for people are choosing to store their RV or boat with you at full price. 

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