3 Reasons To Consider A Vehicle Wrap For Your Band Van

You've managed to pull together a band and you know the real way to get your music out there is to hit the roads and play at every venue that will let you. This is how many new musicians start out; with humble beginnings. And humble beginnings are usually a far cry from traveling in a decked out tour bus.

Many new bands will spend their days traveling in a cheap van that will get them from one gig to the next. If you have a van that you are starting out with as your band's means of travel, you may be tempted to dress it up a little, and vehicle wraps are an excellent solution in this situation. Here is a look at why that is the case. 

Vehicle wraps are a cost-effective way to advertise your band on the road. 

Vehicle wraps are considered an inexpensive way to quickly change the appearance of a vehicle. The vinyl wraps are installed quickly around the vehicle's body by a professional in a shop, and the end result is a pro-quality appearance. You could spend a lot painting the van or doing other things to get it recognizable. However, when your band is just starting out, funding can definitely be limited, so a vehicle wrap makes more sense for the van. 

Vehicle wraps are easy to remove when you do get to upgrade later on. 

If or when you do get the opportunity to upgrade from a van to an actual tour bus, you will likely want to sell the van to recoup a little cash. If the van has been painted or permanently altered, this can be an almost impossible feat. On the other hand, with a vehicle wrap, the added layer can easily be peeled off so the van looks just like it did before anything was done to it. 

Vehicle wraps can be fully customized to provide the band image you want. 

Everything about who you are as musicians should be portrayed in your band logo, and your band logo should be easily recognizable. Whether it is your name, graphics, or certain tour information, a vehicle wrap can be created to reflect the customizations that are most important to you as you are starting out. Everything from the color of the wrap itself to the text and imagery can be hand picked so you have exactly what you want. 

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