Customizing Your Car's Interior Lighting

If you are looking for lighting options for your car and you want to achieve a great, customized look, then you should learn about some of the different ways you can change the car's stock lighting to meet your needs. This article will prove to be a good source of information on customized car lighting options.

Interior lights can be changed

Your model of car will have standard interior lights, but you don't have to keep them the same. Your interior lights come on when the doors open or when you turn the lights on to do something such as read a map or directions.

The 'door lights' are located directly on the inside of the doors somewhere near the bottom. These lights also come on when each of the doors is open and they make it easier for the driver and all the passengers to get in and out of the car without tripping.

The 'map lights' are the small lights front and center on the inside roof right where they can help you to look at maps the most.

The 'dome light' is on the inside roof at the middle point of the car. This is the light that automatically turns on as soon as any of the doors open and lights up the car, making it easy for you to get situated in the car and find your things when you are going to be exiting the car. The dome light can also be sued for those in the back seat to be able to read something if they need to.

Installing different interior lights

When you choose to replace the standard bulbs, you can go with LED bulbs instead of the regular stock bulbs. The LED bulbs are going to offer you a brighter light that is easier on your eyes at the same time. Along with offering you a brighter, yet also softer light, it is also a clearer light that can make it much easier to do certain things, such as reading that map or set of instructions.

Installing more accent lights inside of your car

You may decide you want more than just those regular lights in your car and this would mean you are interested in accent lights. Led strips can be purchased and installed that come in a wide selection of colors. You can also buy coverings for your other interior lights that allow them to let out a different tinge of color other than the standard white.

Instead of buying the strips on your own and figuring out measurements and how to install them, you can get kits for your make and model that offer you premeasured strips and everything you need to install them. Or, you can have the lights professionally installed which lets you get the great lighting effects that you want without worrying about needing to do it all yourself.

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