Using Your Car For Your Business

Once your little home business has been humming along for some time, you may want to use your car for deliveries or as a marketing tool. This is possible, but you need to be smart about it to ensure that your business improves while your car continues to look good and follow the rules of the local road. These below business vehicle suggestions deserve your consideration.

Use Car Magnets

Car magnets are both effective and simple. You can think of them as similar to signs that you might use in other places. When you're stopped at a light or making a delivery, other drivers may glance at your car and see the information you've displayed on the magnet. Best of all, if you'd like to go incognito for a while and be "off the clock", car magnets can be removed and eventually put back on when you're ready to don your business hat again.

Car magnets need to be designed smartly if you want them to have a real effect on other people. Use words sparsely. The magnet will of course display the web address and/or phone number of your business, but it should only have a short tagline or brief informative list of what you offer your customers. People might not have time to read a lot and should be busy photographing the magnet or writing down the number or site address. Don't complicate things by putting too much on your magnet.

Consider Car Wraps

To make a big statement, you may decide to have a custom vinyl wrap put around the entire car to promote your small company. These wraps can be made in eye-popping colors that are hard to miss. If you select a wrap, bear in mind the same design ideas as a magnet would have: less is more. Be sure that you really want a wrap, too, because unlike car magnets, wraps must stay on all the time and are hard to remove.

Call Insurance Provider

It's legally smart to contact the company handling your vehicle's insurance before you make too many choices about using your car for business. The insurance carrier may ask about the nature of the deliveries you'll be making, and they may ask that you purchase a commercial policy. They might also have guidance about increased insurance requirements related to a vinyl wrap. Because a car magnet can be taken off at any time, there may not be any additional insurance guidelines, but you should ask.

Your car is another thing you own which can be positively used by your company. Talk more with car accessory retailers, marketing consultant services like ARC Marketing, insurance companies, and other experts who could be helpful.

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